Dealing with illness

I wrote this 4 weeks ago

It is now less than a month to the 36One MTB race and although training was going well, once again I have succumbed to a sinus infection which has evolved to Bronchitis, and will not going away. Onto my third round of antibiotics, physio, but most frustrating is no training for the last two weeks, and very limited training the three weeks prior to that. This was meant to be my high mileage weeks, which have been reduced to a few sessions on the cycle trainer.

Unfortunately this is an all to common situation for me with many failed events due to illness and not even getting to the starting line as a result. This normally would create a significant amount of stress, which again doesn’t help the healing process in any way.

Something however is different this time and although disappointed feel more in control mentally and not stressing out about it. I have set a cut off date to make the final decision, which will also depend on the first few rides at that time as much of the base work done earlier will have eroded. However I need to see how much has been lost. Either way it means a change in race day strategy and expected finish times. The focus now is more on just finishing the event, and pacing myself accordingly.

The race happened this weekend and needless to say I did not make it to the race. Feeling disappointed, especially when getting the the race updates during the race and having a look at the photo’s posted on completion of the event. So it is still unfinished business, and I will have to get there still.

I have decided as a result of this set back to change my plans for events in 2017 as a result and to get to the race and do it. Feel good about that decision.

The good news is I started off slowly this morning with a 5k run and the first bit of exercise in weeks. Felt good to be back out there again. Running the 5k’s with my wife and my son made it even better.


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