6 days to the longest 1 day single stage race in the world

3pm on Friday the 11 of December 2015, and I will start the longest 1 day single stage race in the world. The 369km long Nedbank Desert Dash in Namibia. The cut off time for the event is 24 hours, and traverses the oldest desert in the world.

My thoughts at the moment would surprise most people, in fact they surprise the hell out of me. I am not thinking about the race, but rather about another amazing event for my bucket list (my wife I think, refers to it as my midlife crises list), that is the Munga.

The Munga is a 1000km, unsupported event across South Africa. The inaugural event was won today by John Ntuli in an impressive 69 hours and 10 minutes. Ok, there is no way I would ever be able to complete it in that time, in fact finishing this event would be a fantastic achievement. The cutoff for this race is 5 days, and maybe this could be the test to see if I could handle the Tour Divide at some stage bearing in mind I am not getting any younger. Anyway, one for me to keep an eye on, and maybe I will be there in 2017 once I have completed my other goals. 


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