The easy part

Ok, so its done. The easy part that is, where you sit in front of the computer waiting for the clock to tick down so you can hit the button to enter the event. Call me paranoid, but I need to be in there when the entries go live. You never know, just maybe the the event will be over subscribed, and you will have to wait another year before you have a go at entering, not to mention participating in the event.

It started at 9:45, calling my executive meeting short. I did warn team that it would be the case. The entries opened at 10:00, and the weekly Monday meeting would normally finish then. Today though the excitement and nervousness that comes with getting an entry into an event cannot be underestimated. There is no option, I have to get in.  I close of the meeting and connect my notebook back into the network, hoping that for once it will be seamless process, which thankfully it is. Logging into the entry website as per the instructions, the countdown timer appears, only 5 minutes to go………. But something is not right. Why does it show 1 hour 5 minutes? I refresh the page woohoo….., only 1 hour 4 minutes and 55 seconds to go. Something is wrong, panic…… Why still over an hour, entries where meant to open at 10:00. Frantic searching of the website ensues………aaaahhhh….the race is in Namibia, one hour time zone difference….idiot!

An hour later, and it’s done, relief, the money has been paid and the confirmation is in my mail box. I’m in The Nedbank Desert Dash. Now for the other entry that opens today at 12:00. At least this event is in SA, so no time zone challenges. Process goes smoothly and entry confirmed, 36One here I come [Ok, that does sound a bit corny, but hey, lets call it poetic license].

As I said, that’s the easy part done. Now to get down to some serious training over the next many months.


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