Redhub Triathlon – race report

Paige (my daughter) and her friend Gareth with me at the end.

I completed the Redhub standard triathlon on Sunday 19th August

Training had not gone according to plan as I had been suffering from a sinus infection for over 5 weeks. Training was only about two easy runs a week of around 5 – 6km.

I had only two pool training swims each of about 1600m 7 weeks ago. Before that completing the annual family pilgrimage in February to Midmar Mile. Midmar Mile is the largest open water swim in the world. The one pool swim, the fundraising Polar Bear Swim. It was outdoors in 11 Deg C water in the middle of winter, with no wetsuit.

I like swimming, but this is my weakest area. It is a hassle to train, especially open water, and the only alternative to the gym pool. Furthermore, my goggles irritate me. I have a weird face it seems and they always leak. If they are not leaking they mist up. Pisses me off, but having said that I had no problems on this swim.

The water was very cold at 13-14 Deg C and a compulsory wetsuit swim which then brought its own challenges. The last time I had swum in my wetsuit was in 2014 at Buffalo city 70.3, which was my last triathlon. Took it easy and completed the swim in under 30mins which is a pretty respectable time for me at the moment.

The transition out of the wetsuit was a real pain. At least I remembered to remove my watch and wrist-based timing chip before attempting to get out of it. I struggled to get my arms out of the wetsuit because I was so cold nothing wanted to work. The wetsuit stuck to my lower arms. I managed to extricate myself and stomped the suit off my legs. Felt like it took forever. Got my shoes and helmet on. Reinstalled my watch and timing chip and headed for the start of the bike course.

This was only my second ride on my new bike, but wow what a beauty. My target time for the 40km cycle was 90min and came in marginally under that. I was very happy with my ride.

The transition to the run was much quicker, and I was on the off-road run course, chasing down three guys in front of me.

Passed two of them, and following the third guy onto an MTB single track route. I realized the two guys I had passed had not followed me. Doubts entered my mind. Did the guy in front of me know where he was going? I came across a 10km course direction sign and the new I was on the right route. The other two must have been doing the sprint.

I knew the run was going to be off-road. What I did not realize it was going to be on a single track MTB route, with punishing little ups and down and sharp turns. I found it very difficult to get into a rhythm on the run and was suffering from pushing too hard on the bike.

The run, with stretches of walking, took me 7mins longer than my very modest target of 60mins. I won my game though, the one no-one else knows I am playing. No one older than me can pass me, and no one older did, or at least no-one looking older than me.

It was a small field of 38 competitors.
Position was 22
Gender position 20
Age Cat position 3 (5 competitors in my cat +50)

Feeling content with my effort after such a long layoff. More proud as my daughter took part in the sprint, coming 3rd in her age group.


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