50 Bicycles

I am raising funds for the work Qhubeka does in providing bicycles to children who walk more than 5km to school and back, by participating in the following endurance events over the next two years. The final event will be the 36One in April 2017, about a month after my 50th birthday. In celebration of that milestone I want to rise enough funds to sponsor 50 bicycles.

Events on the Calendar so far:

  1. Transbaviaans – 230km in 24hours [MTB] (08/2015) [Completed]
  2. 94.7 Cycle Challenge with my son (12) on a tandem (11/2015)[Completed]
  3. 36One – 361km in 36 hours [MTB] (04/2016) [Did not start due to illness]
  4. 94.7 Cycle Challenge with my son (13) on a tandem (11/2016)
  5. Desert Dash in Namibia 369km in 24 hours [MTB] (12/2016)
  6. 36One – 361km in 36 hours [MTB] (04/2017) [I was planning on doing the full Ironman again, however the 36One is unfinished business]
  7. I am toying with the possibility of doing the Munga in 2017 1000km’s in 5 days, but this thought/ dream is still in its infancy. I will commit to doing this if I reach my fundraising target.

To give you an example of what your money can do for kids in South Africa, R2 850 will fund a bicycle for a child to get to school 75% faster, attend school 17% more often and increase their school marks by 22%. In addition, these kids also report feeling safer going to school on a bicycle than walking. Any amount you can give would be a great help. Go to my fundraising page at GivenGain to make your donation.

Education is one of many, but in my opinion one of the biggest challenges, to the future of South Africa, and this is one way in which I want to make a difference.
Why support this cause? It’s simple. 500 000 children walk 10km or more everyday in South Africa just to get to school. We cannot let this continue. Bicycles are a simple solution and by supporting me, there is something we can do to change this.

You can follow my training and race stats (once completed) on Strava
You can also follow me on Twitter @BrianA01


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